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Local artist Abe Montalvo chosen for PRS endorsement program

Abe is one of 101 guitarists chosen as PRS Pulse Artists.

For over 15 years, Abraham “Abe” Montalvo has been one of Chattanooga’s main guitarists. He joined his first band when he was 14, and he has constantly been finding new groups to get involved with ever since. Along with performing solo, he is also part of the SevenStones, Monoliths, and several other local music groups.

Now, Abe’s efforts to help expand the Chattanooga rock music scene have led to him being selected by the guitar and amplifier manufacturer Paul Reed Smith Guitars, also known as PRS Guitars, as one of their 2022 Pulse Artists.

Abe first encountered PRS Guitars about 10 years ago, and he was immediately struck by the craftsmanship of their instruments.

“It definitely changed the game for me as a guitar player,” Abe said. “It’s really an amazing instrument.”

The PRS Pulse Artist Program was established in 2020 as an opportunity for guitarists to become more involved with the company and their communities. Guitarists are selected to be a part of the program based on the impact that they have on their local music scene, giving smaller artists endorsements that are usually not open to them.

According to PRS Guitars’ website, Pulse Artists receive special discounts on various products, a spot on “a dedicated Pulse Artist roster,” and publicity through PRS social media. Submissions for the 2023 Pulse Artist Program will be accepted summer of 2022.

The program is Abe’s first step in becoming more heavily involved with PRS Guitars and will open many new doors for him. Trying to partner with large companies can be a daunting process, especially for smaller, local artists, but Abe encourages Chattanoogans to overcome that fear and step out.

“Tag companies on social media in anything related to them or just reach out to their representatives,” Abe said. “Really try to make your product stand out and make sure to research on endorsements. Your dreams can come true, it just takes a bit of hard work and faith to make them happen!”

Keep up with Abe on Instagram, check out music by the SevenStones and Monoliths, and learn more about PRS Guitars and the Pulse Artist Program!

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