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Living For the Wow: Bobby Ryan’s Art

Bobby Ryan’s career in photography began when he offered to help out his church’s photography team.

“I didn’t even have a pro camera yet, but I was told I had ‘the eye’ from the leader after showing him my cityscape shots from my phone,” Bobby said.

The leader inspired him to begin his quest in learning digital photography as well as different subjects. “I was locked into cityscape and thought of people of just being in the way, until something just clicked,” Bobby said.

“My daughter started shooting a year after me, and I was helping her with her fashion style shoots,” Bobby continued. “So I thought, ‘why am I not shooting models too?’”

Models quickly became Bobby’s favorite photography subject. “There is something special about finding the perfect location, a talented model in an incredible outfit, and putting her in the right poses to make people go ‘WOW!’”

Bobby firmly believes photography is underrated as a form of art.

“A well-planned shoot doesn’t need a familiar face to make others appreciate the shot as a work of art,” he said. “Not only does it bring people together with great memories, but it also can be an amazing piece of art hanging on the wall or pulled up on a phone, regardless of whether or not you recognize the subject.”

For himself, Bobby specializes in black and white fine art photography.

“I’m the guy you contact if you want a very unique fine art look that most photographers don’t touch,” he said. “My goal is to get into art galleries with my work and enjoy the fact that people would be living with my work.”

Specifically, Bobby would someday love to do his dream shoot.

“[It] would consist of the perfect location yet to be determined, like in an abandoned hotel or factory with my favorite model, Anna, who is from Europe,” he said.

Although that could still be a long way away, Bobby does intend to shoot in an old factory soon—the results, he promised, will wow everyone.

“The comedian lives for the laugh, the singer lives for the lip-syncing,” Bobby said, “and the photographer lives for the ‘WOW!’”

Learn more about Bobby and book a shoot on his website, and check out more of his work on Instagram!