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Lee Webb: Exploring Photographer

Lee Webb, local editorial and commercial photographer, on how his photography career began.

“I started taking pictures of my friends with a Sony point-and-shoot that was designed to look like a DSLR,” Lee said. “I didn’t really take it too seriously until I moved closer to downtown Chattanooga three and a half years ago.”

Most of Lee’s work consisted of senior portraits and personal clients. Despite this, he said commercial and editorial artwork have always attracted him.

“I like a mix of concept work and also really simple portraits that work on their own without any help,” he said.

Since Chattanooga is not home to many commercial and editorial photographers, Lee feels pretty comfortable with his style.

“Honestly, I [am] pretty finicky when it comes to sticking to one thing,” he said. “I tend to ping pong between styles and aesthetic inspiration pretty frequently.”

Although Lee plays with various styles, most of his photography portrays the same emotions.

“I tend to like making my models appear intimidating and almost unapproachable,” Lee said, “although I’ve been playing around with some softer looks here lately.”

“My goal is to make adaptability and versatility assets for myself,” Lee continued, “and I’m pretty much open to trying anything.”

In the future, Lee would like to experiment more with atmosphere, or scenes that prompt an emotional response.

“I’ve always loved the visual appeal of dystopias, suburbias, and science fiction,” he said.

Lee recognizes that much of his growth has been in the technical arena and wants to hone in more on the story he is telling and his overall message.

“My images’ core themes are just starting to unfold as I do more concept artwork,” he said.

This summer, Lee plans on spending his time producing more shoots.

“Finding new shoots is allowing me to explore directing, styling, and set design in ways I haven’t before,” he said.

In determining a possible career, Lee’s current job as assistant creative director has helped him determine where his passion lies.

“I definitely want to be an editor-in-chief at some point, and I’ll probably end up starting my own publication in the future,” Lee said. “The intersection of photography, design, fashion, beauty, and journalism is something that really excites me.”

You can see more of Lee’s work by visiting his Instagram, and you can book a shoot with him via his website.

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