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Khloe Mickler: Chattanooga's “Kidpreneur”

Khloe Mickler and her mom Rosetta Greer on what its like to be a 'kidpreneur', running their own business at seven years old.

Photo by Savvi Kids Magazine

For seven-year-old Khloe Mickler, running her business Koffani is exciting. Her mother, Rosetta Greer, “momanages” the more technical side of things, allowing Khloe to fully involve herself in all the fun parts.

Khloe is a professional print and runway model. “An industry friend invited her to a casting call a little over a year ago,” Rosetta said. “Since then, Khloe has modeled clothes for over 25 designers around the U.S.” Khloe has made numerous appearances in Savvi Kids Magazine and has been a part of several fashion shows in Chattanooga, Atlanta, and Miami.

Koffani, a business owned by Khloe and her siblings, shows other children how to use their creative talents to be self-sufficient.

“Khloe teaches other kids how to prepare for print and runway modeling,” Rosetta explained.

Because of Khloe’s age and unique business journey, Rosetta calls her a “kidpreneur.” Rosetta believes that entrepreneurship is an important skill for children to develop at a young age.

“Teaching kids to value entrepreneurship nurtures and cultivates the avenue of authentic expression and creativity,” she said. “It also empowers kids to know that they are valuable. Lastly, it gives kids the notion that no matter what happens in their life, they can monetize their gifts to thrive, not just survive.”

Khloe’s favorite part of fashion and modeling is dressing in the different clothes and walking down the runway.

“You can see it on her face how confident she is and how much fun she’s having during the photo shoots and fashion shows,” Rosetta said.

When Khloe’s not running her business or preparing for her next modeling session, she enjoys gymnastics, visiting the nail salon, and playing with makeup.

Rosetta believes Khloe is a source of positive encouragement to the BIPOC children of Chattanooga. “It inspires positive introspection,” she said, “and this process can cultivate a safe space to believe dreams are attainable.”

Khloe is working with Music Fashion and Arts Foundation, Forrestall Consulting, and Tracee Dundas for the Chattanooga Fashion Expo from November 18-20, 2021. She’s also working on creating her own clothing line.

Stay up to date with Khloe on Instagram, and learn more about Koffani on their website!