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Kaitlin Tomas Captures Authentic People

For over seven years, Kaitlin Tomas has documented the real lives of the individuals and couples she photographs.

Growing up, Kaitlin Tomas and her family documented their lives through stacks of albums, movie reels, and old film slides on their projector. Because Kaitlin often felt insecure and camera-shy, she found herself holding the camera for most family events and was quickly designated the family “journalist.”

As her love of photography continued to grow, Kaitlin went on to study at Lee University and developed her vintage film-camera collection. She began photographing weddings in 2013 and started a licensed and insured business with her husband in 2017.

Kaitlin finds the vintage style of film photography fascinating because of its nostalgia and imperfections. Even with a cinematic- or vintage-inspired aesthetic, Kaitlin and her husband go for a more natural look and often do minimal editing.

“I incorporate that style into my digital work because film, just like people, is perfectly imperfect – raw and beautiful,” Kaitlin said. “You don’t have to be a Pinterest-perfect influencer to deserve a great photo.”

When shooting both portraits and weddings, Kaitlin always seeks to tell her subject’s stories and connect with them rather than shove them into an aesthetic that doesn’t fit them. This organic approach often involves finding the “best elements of a relationship, a personality, [or] a milestone in their lives and showcase how they see it.”

“Growing up insecure and camera shy, it means the world to me to help people feel confident and love themselves enough to get photographed,” Kaitlin said. “To hear someone say, ‘I LOVE my pictures!’ is like hearing them say they love who they are. That means everything to me.”

Check out Kaitlin’s photography or book her and her husband for an event on their website or Instagram!

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