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Josh Hansen: A Bond With Ink

Tattoo Artist Josh Hansen shares his love for the art form and the unique community it provides

Tattoo artists are part of a unique community. While most artists are “prone to ego and pride,” tattooists are of the type to value humility- a quality known to strengthen their work relationships to the point of bonding like a family. Josh Hansen is no exception, immediately crediting God all glory. While only recently a local artist, Josh is fond of the experiences he’s had within the tattoo artist community, and plans to stay within the “family.”

Growing up, becoming a tattoo artist was not at the forefront of Josh’s future. Early on, Josh worked at honing his drawing and art forms, knowing he would end up making his living through art. His parents encouraged him to pursue art, stating that positive feedback is a drive for more creativity.

He acknowledges that young people need the encouragement to strive towards greatness, no matter what they enjoy doing. Josh believes that encouragement creates a place of love for art, “because that is what makes art beautiful. Love pays attention to all the details, big and small, and brings it all together in harmony.” That harmony, which is reflected in all aspects of nature, music, and physics, develops that space for strength and creativity.

While Josh says that tattoos may not be recognized as “fine art,” they definitely have the popular vote. There is a sense of engagement with a concept being brought to the artist, and the artist gets to add their aesthetic and flavor to the drawing. The cooperative effort creates a sense of ownership, something anyone can have and take with them.

Josh is set apart from other tattoo artists by his range and efficiency. While every artist has a favored style and technique, Josh has taken the time to stand out in his skills by mastering forms such as finely detailed realism to biomech, bold traditional and illustrative, as well as line-shading and pointillism (or dot shading). Josh is confident his speed, efficiency, and quality make every piece well worth it for his customers.

You can check Josh out on Instagram @joshartist or on the website for Philosophy Tattoo Collective.