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Jewelry, Charms, and Dorky Doodads

Ayliś Jeavons of Dorky Doodads on her new art business and plans to get involved in the art community

Right now is one of the most daunting times in recent history for someone to want to start and build an art business. Many Chattanoogans have risen to this challenge to bring their works to the world, including Ayliś Jeavons. Through her business, Dorky Doodads, she builds a way to continue to have fun and grow as a creator during these times.

Two years ago, Ayliś husband gave her a few metal stamps as a birthday gift. Unfortunately, these stamps spent nearly a year sitting on the shelf as Alyiś was too busy to pursue the craft. After moving to a new house, she had the opportunity to start practicing creating designs with the stamps. She still struggled to find time to commit to the art, though. The pandemic changed all of that, though.

“I was driving an hour commute to work and school every day,” Ayliś shared. “Then, when the quarantine started in April, I found that I had a couple of hours added to my day!”

Ayliś gave her passion another go, and this time it really stuck! In June, she opened her first-ever virtual shop. With the help of new supplies, YouTube tutorials, and lots of practice, she could get her career as an artist off the ground.

“It was really scary to publicly share something I had put so much time, money, effort, and passion into, but I’ve fortunately had a lot of support, and I love that I can continue this creative outlet,” Ayliś said.

As Ayliś goes about her day, she will be struck with ideas for pieces and often jots them down on her phone. When she sits down to create, she looks back at these notes and tries to find charms and other parts that she can use to match the idea. Her next step is to actually sketch out the piece and use electrical tape to make sure the piece is set properly. This then will lead to sketching and finally hand stamping any words, letters, or designs onto the piece.

“Things don’t always work how I want them to, and sometimes I have to start over or completely reimagine a piece,” Ayliś said. “It’s so satisfying to see everything come together in the end, though.”

Becoming involved with local markets and able to collaborate with local artists is a huge goal for Ayliś. She is especially interested in setting up at the Chattanooga market and meeting other local creators who make things that can go along with her own creations.

“I would like to do a ‘whole outfit’ pop up show,” Ayliś said. “Like maybe someone who does rings or bracelets or someone who does scarves, etc.”

Ayliś cannot wait to meet new artists and be able to spread her creations across Chattanooga! You can see more of her pieces and learn all about Dorky Doodads by visiting their online shop and Instagram!