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Jessica Griffith: Giving Chattanooga A Photo Shoot

Local photographer Jessica Griffith describes how she started taking pictures and why

Chattanooga is her perfect muse

“I have always preferred black and white photography," Jessica Griffith said." It shows you the truest beauty of the shot.”

Whether it is the architecture downtown, or the view from a mountaintop, Jessica wants

to showcase the beauty of Chattanooga for everyone to see.

“The street art and culture spews out into the world, demanding your attention,” she says. “The natural beauty you uncover on a 6-mile hike up to Snooper Rock is out of this world.”

Like so many of us lucky enough to call Chattanooga home, Jessica is grateful for the opportunity to live in a city where the bustling downtown is just a short drive away from untouched nature.

“The mix of both environments creates a Mecca of artistic opportunities.”

Jessica first became interested in photography after she read her first copy of National

Geographic. “All the amazing pictures inside left me in awe of how someone could capture

something so amazing.” Jessica couldn’t wait to start photographing the world around her.

As soon as she was able to drive, she took a disposable camera and began to capture photographs. Jessica hopes to become an everyday part of the Chattanooga art community. Whether it is through local galleries or displaying her photos for people all over to see, she wants to share the beauty that she has captured in her photographs.

Because of the nature of her photography, the pandemic hasn’t affected her too much.

“The majority of my photography sessions include me, my camera, and the outdoors.” She is

also careful to take precautions when she’s photographing areas with more people.

You can see all of Jessicas works and stay up to date on her latest shots by following her on Instagram!