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Introducing Brett Billings: An Abstract and Atmospheric Landscape Artist

Chattanooga local, Brett Billings, has always been artistic, and his creativeness was transferred to canvas with his beautiful abstract and atmospheric landscape paintings.

“Art has always been a part of my life,” states Billing in an interview with him. His love for art began when he learned about art therapy for dementia patients and then started one himself with Hart Gallery. This program was incredibly successful and resulted in Billings finding his passion for both abstract and landscape painting styles when painting with his client one day.

Billings began painting more during the pandemic, giving them to friends, and was then invited to the Between the Bridges Event of Chattanooga in 2021. Since then, he has shown his work at Wanderlinger and Common House, with more coming in the future.

When painting, Billings prefers landscapes because of his appreciation for the beautiful world around us, and this is seen in his creations. He “loves the idea of creating something from nothing”, and seeing others enjoy and find meaning in his work. Billings confessed that it feels strange to refer to himself as an artist because he and his wife had always collected paintings in the past, and now he is sharing his creations with the world.

The landscape paintings of Billings are inspired by the beauty around him. He found that he enjoyed painting large skies with little land, showing a soft atmosphere. Billings’ larger paintings are more abstract and feature a variety of striking colors.

Brett will again be a part of the Between the Bridges Event for this year in October, and he is incredibly thankful to be asked to return. He wishes to continue sharing his art with the world, and to follow along with Brett’s creations and shows, check out his Instagram and Website!