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Hannah Myers: Building Community Through Abstract Art

Hannah Myers builds a name for herself in the Chattanooga art community through color manipulation and abstract patterns.

All art is created with intention. Depending on the artist, the intention behind each work of art may vary. For many, the driving force behind creating art is the desire to build a connection with those who view it. Hannah Myers is no exception. With her beautifully abstract and colorfully bold pieces, her intention is motivated by the joy in the creative process itself and the wish to create delight in those who view her works.

“At the risk of sounding cliché, I'll have to say that I've been an artist for as long as I can remember,” Myers shared.

As a young child, Hannah’s parents recognized her fascination and joy in the arts. They cultivated her abilities by enrolling her in after-school programs, paving Hannah’s future with opportunity. Upon entering college, she studied studio art, architecture, and art history at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Myers also worked in a contemporary art gallery in London and then proceeded to earn her MAT in Visual Arts Education from Western Carolina University.

“I taught for a few years in Memphis while my husband finished school before ultimately deciding that I wanted to focus on my work as an independent artist here in Chattanooga,” she said.

Hannah recently occupied a studio in the Chattanooga Workspace building and participated in the monthly “First Friday” event, using the event and opportunity to build relationships with local creators and art supporters. To the local art community’s dismay, the building was sold and the group disbanded in April. However, this does not keep Hannah Myers from getting her name and works known and seen.

Currently, Myers’ works can be found in two galleries: Jennifer McGinn Studio in Atlanta, Georgia, and The Scouted Studio in Charleston, South Carolina. She is working on more pieces for a gallery in Austin, Texas, and the Fritz Porter Design Collective, an exhibition in Charleston this winter. Hannah’s style sets her apart and has already earned her recognition.

“I feel like my style is still changing and evolving with each piece I make,” she shared.

As artists create and continue to develop their own identity, their style may fluctuate. Myers’ style gravitates to an abstract nature with adventurous color techniques. While manipulating negative and positive space in her recent collage pieces, Myers incorporates different mediums and textures into her pieces, such as painted paper and wood paneling.

“I'm always drawing inspiration from organic shapes that I observe around me, vintage patterns, and color in all of its many facets,” Hannah said.

Bringing her ideas to life and drawing on her inspirations, Hannah hopes to utilize her passion and business to create pieces that bring herself and her audience joy. With her abstract concepts and beautiful color patterns, she hopes to bring hope and pleasure to those who view her works.

In trying times like 2020, everyone could use some hope and joy. Art like Hannah’s can bring a smile to someone’s face and hope to their heart. Apart from the message of her art, Hannah had one thing to share in the face of 2020.

“In 2020? Be kind. Practice understanding. We're all up against challenges at the moment,” she encouraged.

In the challenges of 2020, we all could use support. We encourage you to support your local artists by viewing their social media profiles and websites. Hannah Myers can be found on Instagram and her website is