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Growing a Small Business with Robbie Young

Louisville native Robbie Young recently moved to Chattanooga and brought with him his small business 'Oak and Twine' and shares his thoughts on how he is growing his business as a newcomer.

Robbie Young is the owner and operator of Oak and Twine Screen Printing and Embroidery. After Robbie completed his athletic career at Appalachian State University and obtained a degree in Communications and Business, Robbie made his dream of starting his own business a reality.

Robbie explains how athletics can also transfer into lessons for the business world stating, “Some things in baseball transfer to business. I’m thankful to have had so many role models in my life, like coaches, who all of my life were there to teach me new things along the way. It was a constant education process, I learned how to deal with disappointment. How to work hard. How to work really hard. How to work on a team”.

He also has a bit of advice for introverts who are looking to network saying, “Everyone here is here to do the same thing. Don’t be scared to walk up. You might feel unprepared but everyone here is to meet and greet”.

As for the community here, they have been nothing but helpful and Robbie has had the pleasure of working with great, supportive clients. For Oak & Twine right now, it’s just Robbie and his wife who are putting in the work, aside from his family when Robbie asks. He is very focused on what kinds of people he wants to bring in, such as people who fit the mold and have similar goals and likeminded ideas.

Robbie has big goals set for Oak & Twine, such as wanting to service a wider level of the Chattanooga Community, and he wants to make sure that his passion is transparent and visible to other businesses. He wants to meet more like-minded individuals involved and to be more involved with the community to create an impact every day.

Robbie wants people to know that Oak & Twine genuinely cares about what they do and that they always want to make something that the client can be proud to wear and represent.

Oak & Twine has a website that goes into more depth about printing as well as embroidery, which is a great site to check out for all sorts of different types of printing and embroidery to get done! Oak & Twine can also be contacted on the website as well.