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Giving Local Bands A 'Vibe Check'

'Vibe Check' is a show created to showcase local bands and musicians performing at the Valley Vibes Music Festival

Valley Vibes Music Festival is quickly approaching and as the event nears its supporters and sponsors are finding creative ways to inform the music community of the event. Their newest creation is 'Vibe Check' a show hosted by members of the local alternative band Good Grief and NATE DAWG Presents.

The show will be showcasing local bands and musicians from all over the Chattanooga area and of many different genres, all of them performing at the Valley Vibes Music Festival. Valley Vibes is currently set to take place from Oct. 16-17 in LaFayette, Ga. This huge music festival will be showcasing local creatives from all backgrounds as it welcomes a variety of musicians and will have an open art market.

Good Grief and NATE DAWG Presents are heavily involved with the creation and sponsorship of the festival and are doing all they can to ensure it is an event like no other that Chattanooga has ever seen. They created 'Vibe Check' as a way to introduce bands that will be performing to the community and to supply them with professional content.

"We definitely want to use this as a way to help bands who don't have much content get out there." Shared Nate, the drummer for Good Grief and creator of NATE DAWG Presents.

The first episode of 'Vibe Check' aired on May 17 on the Valley Vibes Facebook page. It featured local rock band Fieldhockey. Since then episodes have been airing every Sunday at 6:30 PM on the Valley Vibes and NATE DAWG Presents Facebook pages. Every episode is pre-produced to allow flexibility and filmed in the band's studio for high quality.

While 'Vibe Check' is currently focusing on bands associated with Valley Vibes, Nate hopes to use it as a way for any band in Chattanooga to gain coverage.

"If you are a band in the area and you want on, just message us," He assures. "We are flexible and just want to help everyone get out great content.

To learn more about the Valley Vibes Music Festival, make sure to visit its page here. Make sure to check out Good Grief and you can watch their first episode of Vibe Check with Fieldhockey right here!