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Getting Back Outdoors with Burlaep Print and Press

Burlaep is an outdoor apparel, coffee and eco-conscious screen printing company based in Chattanooga, Tennessee in the heart of downtown. The company is run by a group of adventure hungry creatives that are inspired by the outdoors.

Burlaep had its humble start in Starkville, Mississippi. Co-owner Cleat started the business with his college roommates in 2011 who wanted to find a better use of their time and help people by sending necessities to the people of a coffee plantation in Honduras. After the contract fell through with Honduras, the company moved to bring their mission closer to home and straight to the outdoors that Cleat and his crew spent so much time climbing, hiking and camping in. Once Cleat found the Chattanooga market, he saw the potential for Burlaep here and knew it would be a great home for the company. A relationship with the Southern Climbing Coalition was born, ensuring that $1 from every Burlaep shirt is going right back into conserving climbing in the great outdoors for Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama.

Burlaep is unique in the sense that they partner with a variety of coffee roasters from across the country, their main goal is to offer something new and different to the Chattanooga coffee scene. They consider their coffee menu carefully and only offer products that they believe elevates the coffee experience they have to offer. Francesca Prado, Marketing and Social Media Director of Burlaep explained, “Chattanooga is already full of great local roasters, so our mission from the start has been to fill a niche that the city has been searching for”.

The main goal of Burlaep is to unite a variety of folks who care about their community. If you go for printing, they help create eco-friendly products for your business that ensure you’re staying local. If you go for coffee, they offer a huge welcoming space that offers an amazing view of Lookout Mountain. If you shop for their brand, they offer a selection of southeastern inspired t-shirts and outdoor gear.

The Burlaep team hopes that it is setting a certain standard for good coffee in Chattanooga. Their focus is on high-quality roasters who are passionate about their products, and they want to do their part by keeping their menu small so it highlights those good qualities. Burlaep also brings the community together by hosting local makers’ and artists’ products.

Burlaep is very excited to offer a new coffee blend called The Alpine Start thanks to their collaboration with Ceremony Coffee Roasters. It has notes of grapefruit, apricot and floral flavor notes. They plan to have an event on Feb. 25 to celebrate their two year anniversary, and you can learn more on their instagram!

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