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Four Women Artist You Should Know: Fusion Threads

The Fusion Threads Collective is a group of four local women making sustainable clothing to help others feel empowered.

All photos by Olivia Ross

Fusion Threads Collective is a group that creates sustainable, handcrafted clothing. The group currently consists of four women: Mariel Rico, Galit Conrad, Haley Hamblen, and Audrey Loyd. The pieces created by Fusion Threads incorporate unique textures, layers, colors, and techniques. They create their pieces with a main goal in mind: to make beautiful, sustainable clothing that makes their customers feel empowered in their own skin.

Fusion Threads finds inspiration for their clothing pieces in many places. For Galit, nature’s own color palettes are a great source of inspiration, with elements such as agate slices and tree rings. Inspiration is also be drawn from prominent figures in their lives, such as their friend group, iconic musicians, yoga and ballet pieces, and from traveling.

Within the Fusion Threads studio, each artist has a favorite area. For Haley, the photography corner is great for letting creativity flow and photographing the pieces they will be selling.

Audrey takes note of the large tables where fabric is transformed into fashion. “They are perfect for laying out the large pieces of fabric and admiring Galit’s beautiful dye designs,” Audrey said.

Getting in the mood to create is different for everyone. Galit gets an urge to create when thinking about interesting color palettes. Being physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy is important to the entire group. This way, they are able to come together and create while feeling at ease and inspired. They highlight the importance of making to-do and to-manifest lists regularly. Currently, the artists are enjoying experimenting with colors, improving their studio space, strengthening their team’s creative and productive flow, and coming up with new designs.

For future projects, Haley is excited to find new ways to present Fusion Thread’s designs through her photography. She is interested in incorporating the customers into their product photos.

“Many of our supporters are artists, mothers, healers, and adventurers, and I would love to capture them in their element wearing Fusion,” Haley said.

Mariel also notes her interest in growing their team to include artisans in Peru or Guatemala where she has studied before. She adds that “creating jobs and a work culture of community and belonging is my biggest passion.”

To other artists in the community, Fusion Threads Collective notes the importance of being okay with making mistakes. “That is where we learn and grow,” Audrey says. They also add that taking advantage of the community around you can be helpful. There are always people to learn from and resources online, and taking advantage of these opportunities can be extremely beneficial.

Keep up with Fusion Threads Collective on Instagram at @FusionThreadsCollective or on their website at!