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Following The Creative Process With Madison Kent

Artist Madison Kent discuss how her art career has been guided through life and what the creative process means for her

The creative process is a unique discovery for every individual. Some come about this process naturally and have an affinity to it from the start. Madison Kent is an artist that knew early on she would end up in a creative role.

After pursuing formal training and completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art Education, her role grew from teaching art to sharing her art with the community. Nature’s inspiration accompanies a visual to the artistic word phrasing of Wendell Berry and Mary Oliver because they “give words to the way I (Madison Kent) see the world.”

Christianity has a heavy handprint on Madison’s artwork, as her journey led her to learn how to accept imperfection, a trait that turned into a “liberating experience” in developing a way to let go of what couldn’t be controlled. With a realization that art could be created intentionally imperfect, Madison began to let go, her paint pallet expanded its colors, the brush strokes became looser. To Madison, her art became a way of working on spontaneity and moving past controlled perfection, finding the humanness of nature to “echo the truth that I have found in my faith journey... that finite, broken, imperfect things make a way for greater glory.”

As any artist knows, art evolves, and each technique and medium changes with skills

development, and Madison is no different. At least, in that aspect. A unique twist to the character of this artist leaves the comparison behind. Mastery and “proper” techniques are not a priority as much as confidence in instincts, a confidence that has no doubt led to a unique ability to adapt to a new environment.

Madison moved to Chattanooga from Nashville a year ago and is making her way around the art community, finding her place within it. Madison’s goal is to not only be a part but to give back, putting 20% of her sales into an organization that assists those that need it. Her current cause of choice is Meals on Wheels.

Madison has recently rebuilt her website where she sells her prints. You can find her work at, on Facebook, or on Instagram.

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