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Finding The Sweet Spot: How Nadine Koski Is Hitting Her Stride In The Local Art World

Local Artist Nadine Koski speaks on how she creates her artwork and how she is getting it featured throughout Chattanooga.

The Chattanooga art scene is thriving. It seems like everywhere you turn, the beating heart of local art is alive. The streets are paved by the pulses of the people who strive to create. People such as Nadine Koski who is doing what she loves. Koski has found Chattanooga to be a valuable community to showcase her art. Her unique approach to her artistic process was prevalent at an early age and in high school, she was even voted “most artistic in her class.” Since then, she has actively been working to make her mark on the Chattanooga art scene. “Nature is a huge inspiration, and the biggest, but to break that down into elements, I love patterns, colors, the effects that the weather and light have on the moods we feel, and the interactions life has with the environment. And birds. Yeah, I love birds,” Koski said.

Koski passionately finds her ambivalent surroundings to be her driving force. The nature-inspired prompt is unique to Koski’s process. She uses beeswax tempered with damar resin, or in the art world, known as encaustic. “My work has a style that I would describe as clean.” Koksi’s self-proclaimed “unfettered” look allows the viewer to enjoy the colors, shapes, textures, and surface properties in addition to the composition. Starting in late 2014, Koski got her first gallery experience at In-Town Gallery, a co-op where local artists can understand how to sell their work and the various proclivities in keeping a gallery vital. “Knowing who your customers are and knowing what they want is imperative to being successful,” Koski says. She describes the process of making art as a Venn diagram; one body being what [the artist] likes to make, and the other being what the customer wants to buy. Her goals and success thus far can be attributed to what she described as “the sweet spot.” Koski is now featured at Area 61 in downtown Chattanooga. She looks forward to applying to more galleries and getting her work seen by even more art lovers.

“I have enjoyed more success than I would have ever guessed I would be capable of, back in the days when I filled my time with self-doubt and inaction as an artist instead of fearless ambition.” When asked how local artists could get into local galleries, Koski simply invites local artists to become more involved. “By occupying any arts-related space you can, your credibility grows through connection and growth, while also finding time to improve your skills. Be disciplined and continue to reach for a higher level of meaning with what you do.”

Koski’s kaleidoscope vision is indicative of the Chattanooga testament: no matter where you peek, the endeavors of our people are alive and well. Make sure to go follow Koski on Instagram with the handle below to see more of her inspiring artwork.