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Fighting Covid: Robert Schoolfield Says To Keep On Creating

Local artist Robert Schoolfield ask for local artists to not become discouraged during these times and to keep on creating

Robert Schoolfield was featured on our website on January 8th and we recently reached out to him to see how he is coping during the ongoing pandemic.

Much like many local artists, he has been greatly impacted. The effect of COVID-19 has limited his materials, making him much more reserved in how he creates his art. Though his work is often mixed media, he has been unable to purchase as many canvases as he would like due to having a lower income.

With the community’s requirement to stay at home and the economic struggle that individuals are facing, Schoolfield has not sold anything. When asked how he thinks the art community will be impacted, he says he believes that people will continue to make art, but the way they make it might change.

He says, “I’m more cautious about how much I can spend on art supplies which limits what I am able to do.” This has not deterred him, however. Although he is not allowed the surfaces he normally uses to create, he has found an opportunity to experiment with different styles. He states, “Not becoming discouraged will probably be the hardest aspect [of creating], and that’s where you gotta let the love for what you do overcome that.”

A lack of sales is bothersome, but understandable during this time. While it is important to maintain relevance, Schoolfield does not like the idea of promoting himself too strongly when others should be focusing on keeping themselves safe and healthy. He keeps his social media up to date with any new work that he has nevertheless.

To artists that are feeling discouraged, Schoolfield says you should “use what time you have to do what you’ve always wanted to do. Now is your chance.”

He is still creating despite the lack of sales because he views his creations as an expression of himself and “anything after that is an additional blessing.” To continue supporting him, follow him on Instagram, @rhschoolfield and check out his website,