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Emotional Complexity in Lindsey Raschke’s Creative Process

Lindsey Raschke shares her source of inspiration for her beautiful abstract paintings.

Traveling to a new place is always an exciting time. Moving to a brand new community, while exciting, can be stressful and intimidating. Lindsey Raschke, a local abstract artist, moved to Chattanooga, Tennessee from California. New scenery came with new challenges, and Raschke was also attending nursing school. Without familiar faces and the added stress of school, Lindsey turned to paint.

“I didn’t have a social group to blow off steam with, and I always felt drawn to painting,” she shared.

While her initial intentions may have been stress relief, her paintings grew in popularity and caught the attention of the community. Her paintings feature an abstract concept derived by carefully chosen color palettes and geometric shapes. Lindsey’s work contributes to the thriving art community of Chattanooga, but she definitely stands out.

“I feel like I am able to add a lot of cool techniques, and there is a lot of dimension in my work,” Lindsey said.

Blending geometric patterns with an intricate layering technique allows her to build the painting with an abstract intention while maintaining unity and cohesiveness. The paintings emanate organization through the organic nature of the technique but still stand apart, fully unique.

When creating an original piece, the mood often plays a controlling factor in the creation process for Lindsey. Her mood can affect the colors, composition, and the overall nature of the painting.

“I feel like my creativity flows from my emotions and feelings because I’m an empath,” she shared.

As the same for many artists, Lindsey draws heavy inspiration from her environment, often using a horizon-like composition. Tennessee, being a significant change in scenery from California, offers a wealth of environments to choose from.

“Being new to Tennessee, I’m amazed all the time at the lusciousness and the wildflowers,” Lindsey said.

Downtown Chattanooga is another inspiration for composition in her pieces. Drawing from the building skylines or the walking bridges, Chattanooga makes its way into her abstract pieces. One of the many beautiful characteristics of Chattanooga is its community. People also contribute to the artistry that is Lindsey’s creative process.

“I love to draw inspiration from peoples’ personalities, especially when I do commissions,” Raschke shared.

An individual’s personality speaks volumes for their tastes, and Lindsey also strives to understand how each person decorates in their own space. Catering a commission to a person can create an even stronger bond between the art and the viewer.

Since moving to Chattanooga, Lindsey has already made herself known and is currently preparing two pieces for the Universal Art Collective gallery. She also keeps in contact with other local establishments about displaying her work.

Not everyone enters the artist's lifestyle expecting to make it big. Lindsey Raschke does her best to make herself known through her abstract paintings, but she does have some aspirations.

“I would love to be in more art galleries, create art for businesses, and definitely do some large-scale murals,” she said.

Now declaring Chattanooga as her home, she strives to create a local presence with her art. With presence comes influence; Lindsey uses her art to convey her own personal beliefs with the incorporation of mood and composition.

“Art can always represent your emotions and who you are with fluidity. You don’t have to stick to one certain style or curate a specific brand.” Lindsey shared.

A person’s life can determine their tastes and desires, and art is a means of expressing those emotions without words. A brand pales in comparison to the soul and emotions put into a piece of artwork. Lindsey Raschke invites people to explore their emotions and understand their hearts through the stunning complexity of her pieces.

Artists thrive off of their audience. Please explore Lindsey’s work by visiting her Instagram page,