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Dylan Sanchez: Innovation, Art, and Taxidermy

UTC student Dylan Sanchez explores the world of art through her own experiences, concepts of interest, and innovative mediums.

Dylan Sanchez is an art student at UTC with a passion for unconventional art. One of her latest pieces even included a taxidermy rat.

“I would say I’ve always drawn a lot on personal experience,” Dylan said, “but recently I’ve been reading a lot of theories on abjection, consciousness, and the body, and that has also presented itself in my recent works.”

One of these pieces, a two-headed painting, can be seen at the Institute of Contemporary Art until December 10 as a part of Ellex Swavoni’s “Immortal Messages.” Dylan is also going to have a painting on display at ArtsBuild.

As for the piece with the crucified rat, Dylan stated, “The toilet altar was sort of a statement that prayer and religion is anything you devote yourself to, and that even things deemed impure by the church are worthy of veneration.” The piece included a taxidermy rat amid a toilet with a seat cover that reads, “Everybody goes to Heaven.”

“I also am really interested in taxidermy,” Dylan added, “and with this first attempt being a success, there might be more holy dead animals in my future sculptures.”

Dylan works in various mediums, but paint and sculpture are her current favorites. “The true draw of paint is that it gives me a way of expressing and obscuring my most inner thoughts via pure color,” she said.

Many viewers wonder about the meanings behind Dylan’s creations. “I think personal interpretation is one of the most fun parts of viewing art, as it reveals truths about the person doing the interpreting,” she said. “Curious readers, feel free to reach out over Instagram- I’ll give you the blurb.”

Dylan would also love to continue to be able to incorporate bugs and teeth into her pieces.

“[I’m] always accepting donations,” she added, “so if you’re local and feeling generous, hit me up!”

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