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Deede Gram: Expressionist Artist of Chattanooga

A Chattanooga artist uses her medium to convey emotions and to tell the diverse stories of human experiences, resulting in the creation of beautiful paintings.

Growing up in an artistic family, Deede Gram has always held an interest in the arts and creative expression. From an early age, she trained with her grandfather, who was an experienced painter, and learned from him how the use of color and linework can influence human emotion. Deede is now experienced in many different styles of painting, such as oil, which she primarily uses, as well as acrylic, watercolor, and gouache.

Deede considers herself an expressionist artist because of how she uses her artistic medium to relate to the human experience. Believing her interest in things otherworldly and things that possess a dreamlike mystery, Deede possesses a distinct interpretation of the mystical aspects of everyday life that can be seen in her art.

Many of Deede’s works of art are centered around one’s sense of place, with each painting of her containing the feeling of attachment one has to a place, and their feelings regarding it. There are many things that an individual may associate with a place, consciously and subconsciously, and Deede relays these “almost imperceptible things in two dimensions with the use of color, the brushstroke, linework, or even lack of definition”, states Deede.

Furthermore, Deede believes that “The lack of detail can say more than the definition of objects and forms. They can speak to people’s memories, emotions, and their past forgotten impressions”.

A lifelong Chattanooga, Deede loves her community, but when she lived in Germany for several years, she experienced a new sense of community and life. While there, Deede drew inspiration from the sights she viewed, and her exposure to new artists and art movements of these European countries she visited, influenced her intent and vision for her own art.

Deede desires more national and international exposure so that she can continue to share, make, and explore all things related to art and experience. She plans to take on artistic residencies and have time to create in foreign places and environments, but she still wishes to call Chattanooga her home, no matter how far she travels.

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