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Dance Tonight Chattanooga: Our Local Dance Studio

How Dance tonight Chattanooga began and where it hopes to go post-Covid.

After a former Chattanooga dance studio closed in 2012, Casey Haywood and Klye Barels

opened Dance Tonight Chattanooga to continue offering partnership dance instruction to the city.

Dance Tonight’s mission is to provide quality dance instruction to the Chattanooga area and to cultivate a love of dance within everyone that comes through their doors.

“We interact with so many people that have never done partnership dancing. We love that we can continue to teach people from the very beginning and provide a space for all dancers to come and enjoy themselves even if they don’t necessarily desire instruction," Casey said.

Dance Tonight consists of six professional dance instructors, whose expertise ranges from

ballroom dancing, ballet, and tap to hip hop, lyrical, and jazz. These instructors have successfully competed in regional dance and theatrical art competitions.

The studio offers a variety of dance instructions, including lessons for salsa, samba, rumba,

waltz, tango, foxtrot, bachata, and more. Many often visit the studio for wedding dances, date nights, and group activities.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the studio had to temporarily close and stop social dances and group activities. Dance Tonight plans to continue social dance instruction again in July. Dance Tonight recently began a junior ballroom program for children ages 11-17. The program includes four private lessons designed to work on two dances over the course of one month.

To learn more about Dance Tonight Chattanooga, visit their website or follow them on

Instagram and Facebook.