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Daizy Skies Creates New Sounds For Chattanooga

The psychedelic rock and EDM mix band is here to “change up the game.”

Photos by Jacob Rudder (@rudder_photos)

Daizy Skies, a psychedelic rock band founded last August, aims to “change the way people listen to music.”

The band consists of five young members: Zach Adams, Zack Dowis, Noah Pennington, Neal Brite, and Roland Pullen. While they take inspiration from many other bands and artists, a lot of it is drawn from Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin.

Daizy Skies first began performing their music downtown on the Walnut Street Bridge, but they were told by Chattanooga police that they couldn’t perform there.

“[T]hat was [when] the Chattanooga Hemporium took us in,” Daizy Skies said.

This support from the Chattanooga community allowed the band to continue sharing their music. Since then, they have been featured on Scenic Routes on WUTC 88.1 and have released their first album, entitled “Where Daisies Grow.”

“Where Daisies Grow” discusses themes such as childhood trauma, abandonment, and escapism. Most of the album was created in a garage, recorded and produced without any professional help.

“You can hear 5 guys trying to imagine a world where we all love each other,” Daizy Skies said. “Where our own behaviors such as greed, sex, drug usage, and sensual desires don’t add up to human oneness.”

Learn more about DaizySkies on their website and to listen to their music on their Linktree!

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