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Culture Coffee: Combining Creativity and Caffeine

Culture Coffee in downtown Chattanooga is a family-owned company that works to combine culture and coffee to create a community with a shared interest. The company creates unique drinks that their customers love, and they also cultivate creativity by hosting events like art shows, book clubs, live music shows, and open mic nights.

Amber Forgani, and her father Tarek, partnered together to start Culture Coffee, and they wanted to emphasize the importance of culture with their work. Their mantra, “Culture in every cup!” holds true, for their menu features traditional Vietnamese, Turkish drinks, and more!

Born and raised in Chattanooga, Amber has always loved coffee and tea, and she was also strongly connected to her cultural heritage. Amber wanted to combine both elements to create a space in Chattanooga for people to come together and build community. Culture Coffee achieves this ideal by creating a community for people of different backgrounds and different walks of life to come together and relate over a shared interest.

Culture Coffee also emphasizes culture, in both a worldly and urban sense, through the events they host frequently, such as a book club that meets on the first Monday of every month and open mic nights every other Tuesday. They will also be hosting a chess club that is coming in the month of May. Amber believes that “culture is in our every part of our being”, and that it is incredibly important to acknowledge and accept it, which she does through her family-operated business.

Amber believes that following the pandemic, many people are searching for an outlet, for a reason to be around others and create community after being in quarantine. Following the pandemic, many people are searching for normalcy, and Culture Coffee provides this through their cultural drinks and events that allow for people to relate over a shared interest.

This weekend on Saturday, from 10 AM-2 PM, Culture Coffee will be hosting an Art Market that features art students from the University of Tennessee Chattanooga. The event will be a blast, and Culture Coffee looks forward to seeing everyone that comes!

To enjoy delicious drinks, like coffees and teas, pastries, and scones visit Culture Coffee in downtown Chattanooga. To keep up and follow their events, check out their Instagram!