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Creating Together With Vanhoff Music

The story of how Sarah Vansandt and Daniel Neuhoff came together to create Vanhoff Music.

Vanhoff Music began in 2015 when Sarah Vansandt and Daniel Neuhoff met while playing together in a band called Caney Village.

“Daniel was the bass player, and I sang third harmony and played tambourine,” Sarah recalled. Daniel remained with the band for a while, and Sarah soon left to be a river guide in the Grand Canyon.

It wasn’t until 2018 that their paths crossed once again.

“We became roommates, living with one of our former bandmates,” Sarah said. “We started playing covers together and soon we were writing our own music.”

“Next thing you know,” she continued, “we were dating and going on all sorts of adventures! One that included writing a song together while we were in different parts of the country.”

Creating music together forged an even deeper relationship between Sarah and Daniel, providing an easy and fun way to connect while also challenging and improving their music skills.

“The only ‘tough’ thing we’ve encountered so far,” Sarah acknowledged, “was when we entered a song writing competition separately and had to compete against one another.”

Many of Vanhoff Music’s pieces guide the listener on an emotional experience, sharing “tough feelings” and stories through song.

“Almost all of our songs were inspired by true events,” Sarah explained. “We don’t necessarily care that the exact message is received, we just hope that maybe someone can relate to it.”

Vanhoff Music hopes to be a support to those who feel understood by the storyline in the songs. “We want to remind people that you’re not alone, we all have bad days and go through hard times,” Sarah said.

Sarah and Daniel are currently in the process of recording their first album with Backbeat Sound Design. The couple also performs each weekend with Sidewalk Stages and occasionally at the Moxy hotel.

Sarah and Daniel acknowledge a lot of help in their journey. “We are truly grateful to our vocal coaches, Sara Snider Schone and Trish Ross,” Sarah said.

“Sound Corp does so much to help local musicians like us,” she continued, “we’re truly thankful for all the opportunities they’ve created.”

Keep up with Sarah and Daniel on Instagram and check out their music on their website!

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