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Craft House Studios Hosting Arts Summer Camp

Chattanooga Craft House Studios is hosting an arts summer camp for local children.

Chattanooga Craft House Studios is a new, local arts venue attempting to make its mark on the community. Despite only having started within the past month, it has already begun to take part in local events and has even started hosting events of its own. One of the biggest and most anticipated projects that it has planned is its Arts n’ Crafts Summer Camp for local children.

This camp will be taking place at the Craft House Studio with the owner and director Carrie D’Angelo hosting the classes. Carrie has been teaching for over 12 years and is beyond excited to be hosting this event.

Carrie created the idea of weekly payments as a way to give children who cannot usually afford large-scale arts camps a more affordable way to be a part of one. She is also accepting private donor funds for community members to fund children being able to attend the camp. Carrie is also intending for the daily camp sizes to be small, with only up to 10 children at a time.

“My goal is to bring the arts back into our youth,” Carrie said. “I want to get kids out of the house and back to using their imagination and creativity to explore the world around them.”

Find out more about the Arts n’ Crafts Summer Camp and Chattanooga Craft House on their website, and keep up with their projects on Instagram!

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