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Communication And Connection Through Photography

Photographer Kathleen Greeson speaks on her career and the ways that she has been a part of the community through her photos

Images hold so much more power than many of us realize. In many ways, a single photo can manage to tell an entire story. Kathleen Greeson knows this better than most, as she has built a career out of telling the stories of lives through the photos she captures.

Kathleen discovered her passion for photography while attending the University of Georgia. She was actually a painting major when she enrolled, but she really wanted to take photojournalism classes despite them not aligning with her major. After some convincing, she managed to get an exception made for her and took her first photojournalism course.

“I knew from that first day in my first class that photojournalism was going to be my path,” Kathleen said.

To Kathleen, photography is more than just her work. It is the way that she is able to communicate and connect with the world. She sees huge value in what she is doing and feels blessed to have made this into her career.

Being able to use her work to help others in the Chattanooga community is important for Kathleen. She has used her craft to tell the stories of others and to collaborate and find opportunities with many local organizations.

“The Chattanooga area has so many great photographers and we all have such different strengths,” Kathleen said.

Today Kathleen has her photographs being displayed at more than 40 different places in Chattanooga. While she started her career in photojournalism at the Chattanooga Times Free Press, Kathleen has since become a freelance photographer and been a part of other local organizations and events, including her first gallery show. This show was done as a fundraiser for women and girls and supported by the BFB Foundation.

One of the more recent events that Kathleen took part in was UTC Photo Night in march. There she did a photo presentation on her brother’s recovery from a suicide attempt. This was a deeply personal and moving topic with extremely powerful imagery from Kathleen.

“I am always looking for ways to document important issues with projects like his and others that I have done through the years,” Kathleen shared. “I definitely plan for that to continue.”

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