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Chattanooga poet takes on being Black in the South in new book

Chattanooga poet and community figure Christian Collier describes his personal experiences as a Black man in the South in his new book The Gleaming of the Blade

In the conservative South, it’s difficult to find the much-needed representation

of minorities, even in 2022. Artists in the city of Chattanooga have worked

relentlessly over the past few years to build a community for those who have

struggled to find a place of belonging in Tennessee.

For Christian Collier, a renowned poet within Chattanooga’s writing circle, the reality of the battles he faces is all too daunting. He uses his magnificent talent to turn his trauma and experiences into art, putting it all together to create his latest work, The Gleaming of the Blade.

The Gleaming of the Blade is Collier’s latest chapbook that won publication

with Bull City Press as their Editor’s Selection through their 2021 Frost Place

Chapbook Competition. His work has been described by readers as haunting,

beautifully written, and unflinching. The chapbook gives Collier’s perspective

on his personal experiences living as a Black man in the South, as well as

“how it feels to be Black in a country whose divisions and struggles could

signal the end of civilization”, according to Bull City Press’s description.

On Collier’s personal social media, he is an activist who always shares world

news and his thoughts on social justice issues. His book takes those same

thoughts concerning identity and race, and turns them into a masterpiece.

When it comes to Christian Collier, you can expect him to talk the talk and

walk the walk.

You can follow Christian on Instagram and check out The Gleaming of the Blade here!