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Chattanooga Comic Con Brings Fun and New Experiences to Chattanooga

Members of the Chattanooga Comic Con team share how 2022 went for the con and their plans for 2023!

Chattanooga Comic Con was started by a small town of 4 people, all who have been avid con-goers and have wanted to run a con as well. Chattanooga didn’t have a fall convention, so they all teamed up to create their own. The first Chattanooga Comic Con was in 2022 and received tons of support from the community, the convention also had a stacked list of guests and volunteers.

The team was blown away by the support from the 2,500 guests, not including kids 12 and under and that doesn’t count vendors or staff either! They only expected about 1,000.

“People were so excited and that was great to see, we got awesome feedback,” Owner and Marketing Manager Liz stated. “We had great panelists and guests. Chattanooga Convention Center allowed the use of breakout rooms and ballrooms. We worked closely with Game on Chattanooga and they ran games and made it fun."

In answering how this year’s con will be different, it will have a gigantic gaming hall as well as a board game library to fulfill the want of attendees wanting the convention to be bigger. There will be more features for gaming, as well as potential new contests. More interactive vendors will be included with the pass, and of course, all ages are welcome to come.

When asked about panels, Liz answered: “No adult panels. It's all for all ages. Might be some teen stuff, may have a concert, but we are still working on those panels.”

Cosplay and comics focused content as well as trivia games will definitely be happening at the con. A musical guest of some sort is in the works, as well as media guests. Tara Sands is already a confirmed guest for the con, having done tons of work in anime such as HunterxHunter and Pokémon.

As for themes, Chatt Comic Con covers all of geekdom. No matter what you enjoy, you’ll find something to love at the con.

Liz explains, “We want to introduce you to new things that you can fall in love with. Love comics? You might love manga! Maybe you like anime? Try comics!”

Game On Chattanooga will be involved again this year, as well as a wide variety of local food venors. There will also be a charity auction again for Siskin Childrens Institute.

As for advice for someone who has never been to Chattanooga Comic Con, Liz advises, “Come how you are, have an open mind. This is a safe space. Be ready to shop at great vendors and meet amazing guests and cool people. You will be able to enjoy so much stuff. I recommend that you come and bring your friends or family. A lot of folks like to come and express themselves through their cosplay, so show off your creativity!"

The con will be held October 21-22nd this year, and you can look on their website for more info, as well as some hotel deals they will offer up in the future. They also have an Instagram page where they also share info about the con on there as well.

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