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Cha Wa Band Visits Chattanooga for Nightfall Festival

The two-time Grammy-nominated band, Cha Wa, performed in Chattanooga at Miller Plaza for the Nightfall Festival, which will continue to have artists perform each Friday night of the summer.

Cha Wa is a Mardi Gras Indian Funk and Brass Band that’s name comes from a saying that can be heard on Mardi Gras Day and on St. Joseph’s Day, that means ‘We’re coming for ya’. The band was inspired by the music and culture of Mardi Gras Indians, with two of the members being a part of this culture.

The band’s previous two records, titled My People (2021) and Spyboy (2018), were both Grammy nominees for ‘Best Regional Roots Music Album’ of their years. Cha Wa’s music has impacted people all around the world, with their talent being recognized, and Chattanoogans were super excited to have them perform in our city!

Joe Gelini, the drummer of the band, found that the community of Chattanooga was incredibly friendly and generous with their time. The band enjoyed the beautiful scenery Chattanooga has to offer and was excited to have found a great audience in our community, as they need the audience’s energy to bring their music experience to the next level.

Cha Wa brought an authentic version of Mardi Gras Indian music to Chattanooga. The band leaves an impression on each of the audiences they encounter as they tour across the globe and their music is rich with culture and lyricism. They will continue to tour and perform throughout the summer, and you can check out their tour dates and find more information by visiting their website.

The Nightfall Festival will continue to host new and local bands each Friday night at downtown Chattanooga’s Miller Plaza and Miller Park. Along with live music, the Festival also

has exhibits, artist displays, and family-friendly activities in Miller Park each night. This year, Nightfall celebrates its 35th season, and each year the city of Chattanooga has benefitted from the music, artistry, and community that the Festival cultivates.

To learn more information on the Nightfall Festival, and to see who will be performing in the following weeks, check out their website!

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