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Catching Up With Lisa Denney

Lisa Denney speaks about how she has been improving her art skills during COVID-19

It’s no secret that 2020 has offered quite a few trials to the art community. Many artists are taking this opportunity, while everything is in a holding pattern, to turn inward, growing and shaping skills they now have the time to cultivate. Lisa Denny is no exception.

She has currently been taking online business for art classes and learning new software for pattern design. Lisa hopes that by developing these tasks, she will learn more about social media, and how to find collectors.

“It’s been a slow and organic process so far,” she says, “things they don’t teach you in art school.” When asked if other artists should also focus on learning new skills, Lisa agreed. “It might be a good time to review what’s worked and what doesn’t.”

Lisa shares that she is lucky to have carpet designing as her source of income for the bills. She’s currently looking into having some demos at the Area 61 Gallery on weekends to try and increase business traffic. While still social-distancing, she hopes that the people spending this time redecorating their houses send their traffic her way.

Although her area of hospitality carpet is hurting, area rugs are selling well, which she says relate directly to art, the process of what an artist can do for the individual, what the artist can do to make the individual’s life better. That is what Lisa says sells, why she says artists should dive deep into why they create and see if they have the ability to fill that need.

While Lisa doesn’t believe concrete plans are in the works for anyone, she hopes to eventually land a hotel commission and design the carpets. She was able to do weaving for a trade show last year at HD Expo in Las Vegas. Mid October, Lisa will have some work at the Creative Arts Guild in Dalton for their new Festival Show. You can keep up with Lisa on Instagram and through her website.

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