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Bringing Luxury Picnics To the Scenic City

Scenic City Picnics is a new business that is bringing unique and high-quality picnics to the Chattanooga area!

Who doesn’t love a good picnic? In Chattanooga, we are lucky to live in an area with seemingly dozens of perfect spots for picnics. Whether you want to rough it and hit a mountain trail, hunt for a scenic spot next to a waterfall, or just relax in a field, we have no shortage of beautiful natural spaces. The folks at Scenic City Picnics know this and through their new business, they want to give picnics in Chattanooga an upgrade.

The owners of Scenic City Picnics were inspired by their own experiences going on fun picnic dates. They wanted to be able to help others to be able to have experiences like that, especially during times like now where many people could use some escapism. With restaurants being closed and people encouraged to spend more time outdoors and away from crowds, now is the perfect time for people to safely connect over picnic baskets.

Picnics provided by Scenic City Picnics are gorgeous and created with the goal of really enhancing the experience for those on the picnic. Their loaded charcuterie boards are expertly crafted to include many pleasantly arranged goodies. Scenic City Picnics also provides all of the tablecloths, plates, glasses, and other equipment for the picnic.

Along with the basic picnic set up, their picnics are highly customizable. Picnickers are able to add a wide array of products to their picnics and really make the experience their own. Scenic City Picnics wants to make sure that every picnic feels unique for their customers.

Scenic City Picnics takes care of the set up as well, making the picnics for customers at the location and then disappearing until it ends. This ensures that picnickers can have fun without interruption and limits human contact to encourage social distancing.

Bringing people together right now can be difficult, but through creative means like Scenic City Picnics, Chattanoogans can still find ways to connect despite Covid-19. You can visit Scenic City Picnics website to learn more!