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Black Lives Matter: Taking A Stand With Ginger Soul Productions

The team at Ginger Soul Productions discuss why they became involved with Black Lives Matter and why others should

The movement currently sweeping through Chattanooga has caused many to stop and ask themselves how they fit into it. People across the city are wondering questions like: should I become involved? Where do I start? Will it be dangerous? What is there to gain?

Questions like these have paralyzed many wanting to take part in the Black Lives Matter movement, especially businesses and community leaders who may see taking a stance as a high risk. One group that has decided to go all-in with the protests in Chattanooga though, is Ginger Soul Productions.

Ginger Soul Productions is a small production company based in Chattanooga that primarily has focused on providing video, recording, and visual resources to members of the hip-hop community. As many of the artists and friends who they work with have become involved with Black Lives Matter, GSP has been standing with them.

GSP has been present at almost every protest in Chattanooga, using its production equipment to film and record every passionate moment by leaders like C-Grimey and Marie Mott. The team at GSP believes that this movement is a major moment that deserves to be documented like any other. They are also hoping to use the moments they capture to show the world what is really happening at these protests as a way to discourage and disprove misinformation being spread on them.

Early on when the movement first began in Chattanooga, GSP had to face the question of it they would become involved, like many other businesses and individuals. Despite some believing that becoming involved in a social movement could be bad for business, GSP moved forward with their goal of supporting Black Lives Matter anyways, because to them documenting and supporting positive changes for our community is what matters the most.

Members of GSP shared that since taking this stance, they have actually seen a huge increase in notoriety and positive reception. Having people out at the protest to meet officials and truly document what they are saying and doing has only improved the GSP brand and opened the door for them to meet new clients and create a lasting impact on the community.

As a production company, one of the biggest issues that GSP has seen while being involved with Black Lives Matter has been the spread of misinformation. There has been a huge lack of awareness in Chattanooga on what the movement is actually about. This problem has only been compounded by social media and news outlets spreading agenda focused lies and misconceptions. Protestors are trying to change this though by creating, a website currently in development where information on what is happening will be more easily spread to the public. This new site will also be a place where supporters can learn ways to safely become involved.

The team at GSP says that the best thing that people can be doing during this time is just spreading information. Sharing social media posts, starting discussions, and helping to announce new changes in the movement are all incredibly important ways that people can become involved. They know that many people might be apprehensive to go out and join protests during the pandemic, but everyone can use social media to help in creating awareness.

Make sure to check out Ginger Soul Productions on Instagram and they can be easily reached by email at for inquiries.

Also, be sure to visit @icantbreathecha on Facebook and Instagram and when the website is complete!

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