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Behind the Scenes: Jason Lyles and Tandem

Local musician Jason Lyles is feeling accomplished after dropping a new album entitled

“Tandem” in September with streaming available in October. This album features 11 new songswith the top two being “Pants on Fire” and “Wildflowers.”

Photos by Ricky Davis, TRD Photography

For his most recent album, Jason wanted to focus on writing songs that are about going

through life with those people are close to.

“Being with the right people can send you on a greater journey because you’re stronger

together,” Jason said. “Many of the songs are about that togetherness and support or the longing for that companionship.

“Tandem” got a good start with a release party at Pax Breu Ruim with Jason’s band and

Ryan Oyer. Jason received a lot of support at the event from other local musicians and the

southside community.

After the streaming release Jason did with Forthright Records, he was happy with the

initial and continued success with “Tandem.”

Jason said, “So far the album as about 13,000 streams, and songs have been on hundreds

of playlists."

Jason received recognition from many stating how his energy is contagious and the great

quality of his most recent album.

Andrew Oliver with V13 Media said, “Tandem is a beautifully diverse collection of songs covering an array of emotions and sonic feels… To put it simply, the album showcases range. And it does so gracefully and cohesively.”

After the successful release of “Tandem,” Jason is focusing on what’s next. He currently has a new single, a remix, and a vinyl release in the works. The vinyl will be released this spring with a release party and performance at Yellow Racket Records. Jason's new single and video of “Gravitate” also just dropped.

You can stream “Tandem” on many platforms including Spotify. You can also follow Jason on Instagram!