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Behind The Music: Subkonscious On 'Crying Face'

Local rock band Subkonscious discusses their new album Crying Face and upcoming


“My biggest inspirations for this album is the human experience,” lead band member Carl

Foshay says.

Subkonscious’s new album Crying Face, released on August 14, is the result of several

years of hard work. The album was written by Carl Foshay in collaboration with songwriter

Jordan Huff. For some of the songs, Foshay wrote the music based off of Huff’s lyrics. For

others, he wrote the lyrics based on the way the instrumental music made him feel. In addition to Foshay and Huff, keyboardist Alex Faust is featured on the songs “Angel” and “Wicked” and bassist Austin Paul is featured on “Angel.” For the rest of the album, Foshay plays all the instruments and provides the vocals.

The album, featuring twelve tracks, is over an hour long. The raw emotion in Foshay’s

vocals is the common thread that runs through each distinct song. The album features slower, ballad-like songs that build to a crescendo such as “Life” and “Mask” as well as songs leaning towards a heavy metal sound such as “Strings” and “Crying Face.” The music explores themes of love, hope, loneliness, and throughout it all the human condition. In every song, the instrumental music stands out just as much as the vocals. The songs highlight different instruments, blending them together to create a layered effect. “Wicked” highlights bass, “Love” highlights guitar and both “Pain” and “Strings” feature electronic sounds.

The album is part one of a two-piece concept album. Part two, Laughing Face, will be

released in 2021. Laughing Face is the antithesis of Crying Face and will feature songs that

focus on the other side of the conversation in Crying Face. Subkonscious’s only goal for the

album is to resonate with listeners. “I want people to relate to the songs,” Foshay says. “These songs are real and based on real experiences.”

Subkonscious will be performing at Journey to Valley Vibes on September 12 as well as

other performances to be announced soon. They are streaming on all platforms. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook to find out about future shows.

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