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Art For All Peoples Continuing Work In 2023

Leo Michaels, the creative and social justice advocate behind Art For All Peoples speaks on his experiences with the project.

Art For All Peoples started in 2020 following the protests and unrests over George Floyd.

It started as a way to bring to light the injustices occurring across the country and especially in Chattanooga.

While founder Leo Michaels thought freehand art wasn’t a talent of his, he knew there

was a need to bring attention to the issues the country has been facing.

“It’s basically a project that I started to put fun and thought-provoking art and messages

around the city of Chattanooga,” Michaels said.

Now, three years since the start of Art For All Peoples, the project has gained attention

from Chattanooga with over 2,000 Instagram followers.

The message of Art For All Peoples has remained the same since the beginning, to push

the envelope and make people uncomfortable.

For Michaels, pushing the envelope can lead to his signs being up for a shorter period of time and making enemies.

“The more progressive a sign the less ‘life expectancy’ it has on the telephone poles,” Michaels said. “I’ve even made some enemies who seem to live to take down the signs.”

Michaels is keeping any plans for Art For All Peoples quiet, so be sure to follow the

project’s Instagram to keep up with where you can see his work.