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Amber Rae Studios: Art Infused with Joy

Local creative Amber Rae has been filling Chattanooga with a variety of creations that all share a key element: expressing her personal joy.

From a young age, Amber had always dreamed of becoming a professional artist. She thought that she would achieve this goal while attending Appalachian State University, but her education was interrupted unexpectedly.

“My mom was then diagnosed with breast cancer, and I moved back home to help out my family and take her to treatments,” Amber said.

Despite Amber and her family’s unfortunate circumstances, the move home to Chattanooga also served as a break from her studies. This pause served as a reset for Amber’s mentality. She then resolved to relish in joy and extend that joy daily through her art.

“I value creating a happy life,” Amber said. “This motivates me every day to keep making art.”

Creating a piece every day involved facing intense artist’s block. Still, Amber pushed through, and her consistent effort helped her practice and discover new techniques. That effort soon turned into the otherworldly paintings, jewelry, and t-shirts that make up Amber Rae Studios.

Amber describes her style as “whimsical surrealism.” Her imagery often focuses on florals and non-traditional portraiture. While her earlier art mainly featured bright primary colors, Amber now incorporates softer and unexpected palettes.

“My biggest inspiration is my own happiness,” Amber said. “[I] want to create a sense of joy with my art.”

Amber Rae Studios is currently working on several earring collections, art prints, and t-shirt collections. Keep up with Amber and her work on Instagram, and browse her website to check out available pieces!