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Abe Monty On Going Solo

Local heavy-metal musician Abe Monty is finally nearing the completion of his first extended-play project as a solo artist after nearly two years of dedicated work.

Abe has been passionate about self-expression through song his entire life. He sees his solo EP as a “very intimate inside look into the art that we create for others to see.”

“[I]f you really believe in yourself and you want to sing and play your music,” Abe said, “there’s nothing better than writing your own tunes and showing the world who you are.”

As part of the process of assembling his EP, entitled “MONOLITHS,” Abe has focused on creating one song at a time to make sure each individual piece is “the best it can be!”

Apart from the drums, Abe is putting all of the music together himself, from composing to singing to playing the guitar. He hopes his “heavier” music is something that listeners will be able to relate to.

“As a musician it’s OK to branch yourself out and not be scared to try anything,” Abe said, “especially if [you] have a passion.”

Abe’s goal with the finished product is for people to “wake up and see the reality that is taking place in the world” and “that not everything is what it seems.” Instead of being divided, Abe wants people to find unity under the “power of music.”

After releasing the song, Abe will start work on releasing its music video, with Chris Blankenship helping film. Abe will then return to the studio to work on a single with SevenStones as well as a single for “MONOLITHS,” which is likely to be released in the fall and will feature a singer from a French band, so keep your eyes and ears out for it!