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4 Women Artist You Should Know: Erin Pinkston

Erin Pinkston on creating her 'modern pictographic' artwork and finding inspiration.

Photos by Olivia Ross

Erin Pinkston is a local creative currently living in Chattanooga, TN. From her polymer clay pieces to her hand-painted clothing items, Erin is interested in many different forms of art. Describing her work as “modern pictography,” she aims to create colorful metaphors to insight conversation. She looks to tell stories through her designs, whether it be in the form of a boldly-painted blazer or a hand-embroidered blouse. Currently, Erin is directing her attention toward the world of fashion. Having admired couture since a young age, she is excited to use her talents in this new medium.

Erin’s favorite project as of late is her hand-painted blazer. The blazer is a personal piece that exhibits her “love and hate relationship with mental health.” She finds strength in her vulnerability and thinks of the work as “quite literally wearing [her] testimony as a badge of honor and accomplishment.” With each section of fabric depicting a different set of emotions, her blazer is an incredible ode to her relationship with her mental health.

Erin finds inspiration for her work through nature, other artists, and bright, beautiful colors. When stepping into her studio, one is met with a window-lit getaway filled with colorful montages of art. The light entering the room is truly energizing and “brings life to all of the colors.” Here, Erin is free to shut out her worries and let her creativity loose. A great playlist and a glass of wine are always great partners for her artistic feats.

The best piece of advice Erin has to offer the creative community is to not let an idea go to waste. She believes in following creative sparks, despite what others may think or expect. She highlights that “staying ‘on brand’ is mundane and quite frankly a waste of time.” She strives to use art as a communicative medium for her “unique, everchanging perspectives.” For Erin, “beginning to trust the process is a part of the process. The rest will fall into place.” She believes that artists can be found inside of everyone and that part of someone deserves to be explored and celebrated.

Erin will continue to create more extravagant, custom clothing pieces along with other forms of art. She wishes to dive deeper into creating hand-embroidered work and possibly getting into pottery-making.

The highest honor Erin can describe is having people want to wear her work. She creates with the intent to inspire and start a meaningful conversation.

Keep up with Erin Pinkston on Instagram at @Jehovah_Thicknesss_ or on her art page at @Saint.Clair.Designs!

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