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2021 Trends: Poppytons thriving through the year

The team from Poppytons Patisserie shares the growth they experienced in 2021 despite the challenges the year brought.

2021 was a year of unexpected challenges for many, with a pandemic that many of us expected to be over after a few months dragging on into its second year. Many small businesses in Chattanooga were able to make great strides during 2021 though, and one that definitely saw big changes was Poppytons Patisserie. The team at Poppytons claims that the main thing that helped them survive through it all was the community.

“We survived thanks to collaborations with other small businesses,” co-owner Delaina said.

Located in Proof Bar and Incubator, Poppytons is a female-owned business that has been serving incredible pastries and desserts to Chattanoogans. In 2021, they were able to expand their business in all kinds of ways, including bringing their friend Amy on to the team as sous-chef. They were able to take on many more projects and connected with other small businesses to sell their products all over the city.

“Poppytons has grown a lot,” co-owner Kendra said. “We can now focus more on finding our place in the community.”

Poppytons is building a community not just by collaborating with other small businesses, like (Be)Caffeinated and Proof Bar, but also by making great connections with their customers. They focus heavily on making sure that they are creating a product that makes people happy and excited to visit them. Kendra mentioned a 13-year-old who had told their parents that they specifically wanted a birthday cake from Poppytons, and being able to be a part of someone's day like that felt very special for the team.

“It’s just so nice to be the flavor of someone's memories,” Kendra said.

When Poppytons first opened, they had very different ambitions than where they are now. Covid-19 forced them to pivot to new markets and new ideas, but the dream of them having their own dessert bar has not ended. The team has big plans to try to open a brick-and-mortar location soon and become more involved with local events.

“We appreciate the incubator at Proof Bar so much for giving us a place to go,” Delaina said.

Keep up with Poppytons as it grows over 2022 by following them on Instagram, be on the lookout for their up-and-coming Valentine's Day dessert plate, and visit their website to book them for an event!