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2021 Trends: Be The Change

How Be The Change Youth Initiative grew and caused big change in the community during 2021.

Be The Change Youth Initiative (BTCYI) exploded onto the art scene of Chattanooga in 2021, largely thanks to the strong connection that it quickly grew with local music. BTCYI is a non-profit organization like no other, using the talented resources of its members and local creatives to set up events and then turn the proceeds from those events into donations for other non-profits.

During 2021 they were able to raise more than $10,000 for local non-profits, but it was a rough start. Having only begun in 2019 and originally being on the road, BTCYI had to adapt quickly once 2020 began and brought the pandemic with it. 2021 was the year that they began using their talents to unify with local musicians to create events like their ‘Concert For A Cause’, a series of concerts where local musicians performed as part of fundraisers for local non-profits. From these events, the current iteration of BTCYI was born.

BTCYI members told us that 2022 is going to be the year where they further their message of helping youth in mental distress. This will include a 2022 version of Concert For A Cause, partnerships with more non-profits, school events, and much more. Using music to empower youth and create opportunities to help other Chattanooga non-profits is going to become the main focus for BTCYI.

There are also plans for BTCYI to create a sister music group that will be known as In The Company of Wolves. This project has only started recently, but already it has been chosen to the Artist in Residency at Cherry Street Tavern in April of 2022.

BTCYI is only getting started with all of the good that it can bring to Chattanooga. Make sure to give them a follow on Instagram, take a peek at their website, and give their podcast a listen!