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2021 Trends: 'As Time Goes By’ Podcast Prevails in the Pandemic

With plans for the future, Troy Long, creator of the podcast “As Time Goes By,” pursues his passion of providing entertaining commentary on films and gifting his audience with a space that alleviates the troubles of the world.

Troy has always had a passion for film, and this was one of the factors that led to him creating “As Time Goes By.” The podcast focuses on the history of film, but it also has episodes featuring film discussions and commentaries. Recent episodes cover Little Women and Tick, Tick… Boom!, and the most recent episode is on Toad Road, featuring commentary from Griffin Stover.

Since starting the podcast, Troy believes that the biggest accomplishment he has achieved is his guest selection and film curation. The most favored episode of the podcast features an elongated discussion about films Troy has seen and how the films are related to society, culture, and the history of film.

“Finding space and providing an environment to bridge both open dialogue and film history is the overall theme of ‘As Time Goes By,’” Troy said.

The podcast allowed Troy to pursue his passions in an environment safe from the pandemic.

“The podcast's vision and hopefulness are in the understanding that art illuminates emotional tundra’s and little by little melts the suffering away,” Troy said.

Troy has plans for the podcast in 2022. At the end of January, the podcast will be highlighting local talent with a showcase, and there will be the first-ever Old Timers’ awards near March.

Troy has enjoyed discovering what works with the podcast and what doesn’t. He plans to keep creating content and is very grateful for his listeners, the Old Timers. He wants to show a special thanks to Griffin Stover, Zachary Ratchford, Caleb Busie, Heather Rigby, Emily Quinn, David Durant, TheChannelMX, Kyle Kelley, Levi Witt, Ashley Larsen, and Abby Randolph. With their contributions and time, the episodes of the podcast came to life.

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