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2020 Trends: Welcoming New Photographers To Our Community

Tori Fyfe shares her thoughts on how 2020 affected growth and caused changes in the photography community.

With the pandemic forcing many indoors and closing local businesses, many Chattanoogans found themselves in desperate need of new hobbies for 2020. According to Tori Fyfe, founder of Safelight District, many people seem to have filled that need with a newfound love for photography.

Tori says that during 2020 Safelight District saw a big uptick in local interests in photography. While many people seem to be getting into photography as a new hobby during these times, while others are renewing old interests.

“Many of my clients practiced darkroom photography back in high school and college,” Tori said. “Then life happened and now they’re wanting to get back into it.”

The past year has also given local photographers the chance to refocus on their personal projects. Many have had the time now to really hone their craft through practice and execution. Tori says that she has seen many clients come in with test rolls to take notes on exposure settings.

There have been far fewer gigs for photographers this year due to the pandemic and this has presented a big challenge. Many photographers are struggling financially, but Tori advises that people should stay positive and use this time to master their skills.

“I think that photographers are naturally resilient people,” Tori said. “I’m hopeful that they will find techniques and use precautionary measures to get through these times and keep themselves afloat.”

Make sure to visit Safelight’s website and to give Tori a follow on Instagram.

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